Welcome to CHY Yoga - Not your average yoga practice, not your average yoga teacher!

Every journey begins with the first step. Here you are, at this stage in your healing and yoga journey.

Consider this a sign, leading you to the guidance you've been seeking!


CHY Yoga, uses the energy you present with, to expand your reality, welcoming you to the world of possibility, acceptance and love. Not only for yourself, exactly as you are, but the world around you.

We open a safe space for you to explore your shadows, no judgement.

Reminding you what its like, to have a more beautiful relationship with your thoughts, mental patterns and programming. Shinning a light on the imprint you have in this world.

Connecting the heart and mind, through the using movement, energy and acceptance. Training the animal in us, by embracing fear and become your power.


Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Expression, Trust and Healing Exercises, laughter and lots more.

We welcome you, just as you are!

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Colleen Adele

"What a great day of reflection and cleansing. Thank you Vee for being such a wonderful host and guide. Highly recommended"


A Life of Balance

We believe in a world where everyone can be, exactly as they are! A world where the feelings of shame, guilt, fear and lack are explored and expanded. Acceptance is common, truth is real and love is free. A world of connection, to ourselves, our mother (Pachamama) and each other. If you would like to deepen your experience, connection (CHY Yoga) is for you!

Connection was established in the town of Zug, Switzerland in 2018. After years of worldly travel, Vee had a vision, to create something where people wouldn’t feel alone anymore. She wanted to help to bring people together and show them what it’s like to live a life of joy. True happiness and to change the walk of suffering to a walk of love. One person at a time.

Through our travels we have witnessed magnificent teachers practicing ancient traditions and work in ways that can only be described as magical and inspiring. 

Form the likes of Vipassana in Myanmar, Chang Mai lantern festival in Thailand, to different Spiritual communities in on the outskirts of Germany & Lebanon and yoga teacher training in India.

These experiences enabled Vee to deactivate the victim mentality and to embrace who she is, to start helping people with her teachings and her gifts.


We invite you, to come on this journey of experience with us, and Connect, more deeply, with yourself and the world around you. 

See you on your mat!

With warmth Vee x


"Without you,

there would be no experience!"

- Vee -