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Our Gift to you!


Below you will find a series of short videos introducing you to the practice of Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is an inward practice; your eyes are closed most of the time.

In every class we use:

  1. Opening Mantra

  2. Heart Protection Mantra

  3. The Closing Mantra

These videos are designed to help you practice.


In the mediation & breath section we have prepared an introduction to breath of fire this is one of the common breaths used in Kundalini yoga & two meditations.

Opening Mantra

As a teacher, the way we prepare a space is just as important as listening to your body & its needs. We open each Kundalini class with the Adi Mantra.

To learn the mantra, watch the video.

Heart Protection Mantra

This is a mantra we say to bring focus to the mind, connect to the great wisdom of consciousness & protect our aura, from ourselves. As creators, we manifest our existence. Everything in our field is because of what we think. This mantra helps to keep those thoughts coming from our heart space.

Closing Mantra

Blessing one, blessing all. This is a beautiful prayer is sung at the end of every session extending to all the corners of the universe. Sometimes practice can move heavy energy, sharing the love of this song, reminds us we are not alone and helps to ground us back into the infinite. 

Meditations and Breath

We want to share these beautiful practices with you!

So here's a sneak peak of our future content.


Breath of fires benefits: ​​Activating the navel centre and its power, this area gives life, it helps regulate your breath, oxygenates & purifies your blood, cleans your lungs, makes them strong, strengthens your abs and helps balance the secretion of the glands. 

Practicing the three-minute breath of fire video daily will help to prevent stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and keeping your breath deep throughout the day. This will balance your system, increase your fire (Agni) and strengthen your lungs.

Join us in an online session (bookings tab) or purchase a subscription (through our members chat) to watch our latest content, classes, meditations, breathwork and much more!

We would love to welcome you!

Beginners - Breath of Fire

Beginners intro

"In the computer age we need a meditative mind and applied consciousness. We need to develop that mental power that can guide us, so we are not ruled by outside circumstances. Developing a meditative mind exercise uses a simple touch with your breath of life so that your body and subtle can bring changes for your betterment. Its a natural form of meditation."

- Yogi Bhajan

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